Paintings of Grand Canyon & the West

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Isis Temple and Snow, Oil on Linen, 30 x 40 inches

The Grand Canyon and other sacred and stunning landscapes have the power to take one out of ordinary reality. I don't capture these spiritual places; they capture me. But I do try to communicate my emotional response in the form of paintings, a visual language that serves me better than words. These wild, natural landscapes are both powerful and yet fragile. They give an important connection with the remarkable beauty of the world, but there is something else about them that draws like a magnet. It is a momentary melting of the ego and a glimpse of the big picture.

Subconscious elements of symbolism are everywhere in the natural landscape and create emotional responses that come from deep within, bypassing the left brain and connecting straight to the heart. The colors, textures, and patterns revealed by dramatic light on rock structures and living forms are inspirations.

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